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We pride ourselves on creating informative, engaging, and innovative courses to increase learner’s knowledge retentions and improve performance. 

Bespoke eLearning

Our eLearning instructional designers always consider the following when creating a course:

Pedagogical learning theories
Learner engagement
Workplace learning application
Brand reinforcement
Rich visual design
Sophisticated scenario-based approaches

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the most immersive learning technology on the market. eLearning Studios has been creating innovative, effective VR simulations for our clients since 2013. Unparalleled in giving learners a powerful sense of presence in the virtual environment, this technology has been rapidly adopted and heavily invested in by a wide variety of industries for training in both hard and soft skills. 

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Mobile Learning

Learning whenever and wherever information is needed. Mobile learning is the solution that puts answers into the palm of the learner’s hand at point of need. Accessible is the name of the game for millennial and the work force that needs regular updates on company information. Be them phones or tablets, make mobile learning part of your blended solution to best reach your learners and improve performance. 

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Serious Games

We take game-based learning seriously. Serious games are designed to improve a specific aspect of learning and can be found at every level of education around the world. Often called a variety of names, these games are often simulation based with the flexibility and capacity to work harder with better memory retention than most traditional eLearning courses. Highly recommended as part of a blended package with eLearning or virtual reality. 


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Learner Software

Essential to any learning technology program is the software to manage the courses and the learners. Selecting the right learner management system (LMS) for your organisation’s needs can be a difficult choice. Our staff will happily meet with you to learn what you require of your systems and will be able to recommend one of our packages to best suit your needs. Commercial re-sellers of eLearning, multi-national corporations looking to up-skill their staff and track meaningful metrics in custom reports, and everyone in between will find a solution that is right for them.

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