What Would You Do: Fire Safety
Compliance training that will set your office on fire![If I could add a cheesy fire ball explosion here, followed by a big thumbs up, I would*] You can now see a video of the Demo right here, recorded by our very own Wayne on our office iPad!     In case you haven’t heard, eLearning Studios will be at the Learning Technologies show this year, and we will be talking about and demonstrating the value and use of simulations.  The word ‘simulation’ means many things to many people, so just to be clear, we are defining a simulation as “A model of a real or imaginary plac...
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e-Learning Studios Thinking about ways to use the Oculus Rift in eLearning? We have a handy article on that!... http://t.co/tkK6wrCIXH
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 13:23